C4x4 Tow Hook install:

1) Remove complete front bumper (center and side pieces-- watch out for vacuum hose attached to vacuum reservoir)

2) Remove bumper brackets

3) Install C4x4 tow hook brackets, don't tighten bolts yet (bumper may need adjustment)

4) Install tow hooks, with bolts pointing up, but only thread nuts on to bolt 1/4"

5) Cut tow hook hole in bumper to accommodate tow hook (optional, bumper end cap will fit without modification)

6) Install bumper center piece tighten bumper to bracket bolts all the way

7) Adjust bumper alignment and height

8) Completely tighten tow hook bracket bolts

9) Completely tighten tow hook bolts

10) Install bumper end caps; put on tow hook first than top over the bumper

11) Don't forget vacuum line for vacuum accumulator



Right bumper bracket showing vacuum accumulator:

Left side bumper bracket:

C4x4 Tow hook and bracket kit:

Frame with out bracket (note remove clip on nut thingies):

Bumper off:

Part of bracket installed: