Mopar gas tank skid install:

These directions are only for a 97+ install.. Older XJs' install varies a bit

Again, no pics but this is too easy.

1) Remove rear bumper (center section and end caps)-- end caps are secured by a lip and a small hex bolt in the front lower edge

2) Remove bolts securing exhaust hanger and heat shield... you will not be reusing the heat shield

3) Insert nut strips (if your didn't come with these get the from the dealer and they are a lot easier to use than separate nuts)

4) Align gas tank skid with holes in with nuts in nutserts

5) Support gas tank with floor jack

6) Coat bolts with anti-sieze (you will thank me later when you install a tow hitch)

7) Don't forget to bolt up exhaust hanger

8) Install bolts (don't remember the torque setting for these bolts, but make them pretty tight; ~75 ft/lbs)