Cheap Sound Deadening - 4/23/2003

While I had the carpet up I wanted to put some form of sound deadening on the floor and transmission tunnel. All the usual stuff (Dynamat, BQuiet, etc.) was too expensive in the amount I wanted (enough to cover the whole floor). Another option was some roofing material for houses. Sound one suggested a product called "Peel and Seal". It is supposedly 100% the same thing as Dynamat. However, none of the local hardware stores had any. When I was at Lowes I did find some asphalt based roofing material called WeatherLock G. It weighted about 60 lbs for the roll. The roll is 3' x 66' f. It is actually a bit more than I need but I could do the whole interior in two layers and still have some left over. And it was only $60.

I found that it stuck best of it was heated up a bit (by putting it in the sun or using a hair dryer) then applied to the surface. Also, some form of a roller helps.

While there is a bit of a smell to it I am hopping that the smell will eventually go away or the carpet will lock it in. I'll update on the smell later.

I originally was just going to put two layers just on the transmission tunnel and a single layer on the actual floor. However, I has so much I did the whole passenger compartment in two layers. A utility knife with hook blades seemed the best to cut it with. I will eventually do the trunk area as well, but I want to see how the smell goes in the passanger compartment.

Below are images of the completed install with two layers: