Kevin's Rock Sliderz install - 3/26/2003

I finally got around to installing Kevin's Rock Sliderz. The install didn't go 100% as planned. It was hard enough for me to cut part of the pinch seam on the rocker panel (mentally), but the drilling should have gone far easier. On his instructions, Kevin says the best way to drill the holes is to mark, remove the Sliderz and then drill. It didn't work that way for me. It was much easier to drill with the sliderz in place. When I put the rail back on after drilling the holes, most of them didn't line up. Two parts of the mount that go to the frame rail have a bit of a gap between the mount and frame rail. Also, the front of the right slider hangs down a little further than it should. While they don't fit 100% perfect, they are still very strong and will work. They also stick out far enough to be used as steps to access the roof.

Below is the general details of what I did.

1) Paint rock rails.

Clean them up and make sure they are 100% oil free before you paint them. I used a paint from Autozone that will match my wheels, but I would suggest something harder. I let the Sliderz stand for about 2 months before I mounted them. I was having trouble finding time to mount them.

2) Align Sliderz with rocker panel to determine where to cut the pinch seam.

This is done buy putting the Slider on a jack (padded by rubber or wood) and jacking it into the rocker panel. Make sure it is close to where you are going to mount it, than mark where the rails will go through the pinch seam.

3) Cut the pinch seam.

Sure, this sounds like the hardest part. Mentally, it was for me. I don't do body work and this is something don't like doing (cutting something I can't fix myself). But, anyway, you will need to cut about 1/2" up the pinch seam to get the Sliderz to fit. I used a die grinder and cutoff wheel. If you are unsure cut less first than go to step #4 and if necessary re-cut. I also used a file to clean up the edges of the cut.

4) Test fit

After cutting the pinch seam make sure the Sliderz fit. If necessary fo back to step #3 to cut some extra.

5) Seal up cut part of pinch seam

I live in Pennsylvania. They salt the roads in the winter. Not good for exposed metal. So, get some touch paint of some sort and cover the bare metal you know exposed. I, also, used some RTV sealant on mine for extra protection.

6) Position the Sliderz in place.

Put the sliders will they will sit. Make sure the mounts are as close to the frame rail as possible. Use a clamp or extra jack if necessary to put them where they should go.

7) Drill.

With the 5/16" drill bit, drill where the holes in the Sliderz are. a 90* drill will help to get the ones that are vertical, but not 100% necessary. This part is the really time consuming and physically difficult part.

8) Insert self taping bolts.

Now, after the holes are drilled, put the self tapping bolts in. Use a hand ratchet for this, and an air ratchet could easily strip the holes. The bolts don't need to be very tight, just tight enough to hold them to the frame rail. Try not to strip them, but if you strip a few it won't make a difference.

Another alternative to the bolts is always to get them welded to the frame rail.

9) Clean up and test the rails.

I have never installed any rocker protection before, but this leaves me wanting to never to do it again. Despite the fact that my Sliderz didn't fit 100% it was still a hard process to do. The drilling being the most difficult step. But they will do the job and more.