Cibie E-code H4 lenses, Narva bulbs and wiring harness upgrade

The stock head lights on the Cherokee just plain suck!! After moving out of the city and into a suburb I realized that I couldn't see shit at night. I needed to do something about it. You could buy cheaper the IPF lenses, they are better than stock, but the Cibies have a much better beam pattern. Better beam pattern mean you can run brighter lights without blinding some one and it puts light where is should be instead of scattering it all over the place.

I purchased the two lenses, two Narva bulbs, lense protectors, and relays and assorted hardware for the wiring harness all from Daniel Stern. His site isn't just a store front, but it has a great deal of information on lighting. Daniel Stern is also a great guy to work with. Also, the Cibies are about ~$60 a lense, for $5 for two, the lense protectors are a good deal.. You can't even see them unless you are with in 3 feet.

Since it is pretty straight forward how to do the install, I will just give a few tips

-Place the upgraded relays near the stock fuse box for a factory appearance

-Any time a wire goes by or through a body panel or other sharp object use a wire case of some sort to protect the wire

-Two words: dielectric grease. Use on any socket, spade, or relay connection. Prevents corrosion and water entry.

-Don't remove the stock light sockets, just splice the new wired to the factory harness. Fill the stock sockets with dielectric grease and tape up to prevent shorting out when wet.

-Use some type of fuses.. An engine bay fire isn't a good thing

-Soldier where necessary... as much as possible

-MAKE SURE YOU AIM THE BEAMS WHEN FINISHED!! If you don't know how to it is on Daniel Stern's site.