Tom Wood SYE and CV drive shaft install on NV 242 transfercase:

Unfortunately it has been so long since I did the install I don't remember the exact process, but I will give some tips.

-No need to remove the case from the transmission, just split the case in half

-Use a good sealant. I like the "Right Stuff" great sealant-- use on most anything

-On the NV 242, reuse the rod bearings

-Use some grease to keep the rod bearings on the shaft

-Make sure you have all the parts before you start!!! I was missing 3 bolts and a plug

-Be careful with the pump assembly and make sure you put it back in correctly

-Clean the inside andm matting surfaces of the case thoroughly. I suggest brake cleaner.

-Since you have the transfercase apart check all bearings and replace if necessary

Note about Tom Wood's drive shafts: He seems to be having a quality problem with the balance of his shafts. If you have a problem with vibes, CALL HIM!!! He will most likely send a new drive shaft out to you.